Q: How is your craft space configured?  
A: We have two craft rooms located in the Craft House with a total of about 800 sq ft of crafting space.  The configuration is really up to you.  The optimum number in the downstairs craft room is 8, but can accommodate up to 12 (with smaller tables).  The loft craft room, upstairs from the main craft room, is ideally configured for a group of  4 but can accommodate up to 5.  

Q: Do you assign craft rooms?

A: We don't assign crafting space.  We may suggest a particular craft room based on your group size and any special needs (e.g. avoiding stairs), and the size/special needs of any other groups that weekend.  For example, if we have two groups totaling ten guests, we may suggest the group of three utilize the loft room while the group of seven use the main room.  Of course, this would only be a suggestion and each guest can utilize whatever space she prefers.  Our goal is to keep groups together and provide the best crafting experience possible.

Q: Can I reserve the loft craft room?

A: If it is available, and you have a group of between three and five, then let us know your preference when you book.  If it's available, then we'll reserve it for you.

Q:  Can each lady pay her own way?
A:  Yes.  The one who books will make a 25% deposit at the time the reservation is made.  About 30 days prior to arrival, we provide a link to a secure payment processing site where each person may use her own credit or debit card to pay her portion.   Each guest can also mail a check for her portion.

Q: I have a friend that lives near by but she's not staying overnight.  Can she come and crop or dine with us?

A: We'd love to be able to do that but our limited space dictates that the facilities be used only by overnight guests.

Q: Do you have frequent guest discounts?

A: We offer a variety of discounts to our valued return guests.  

Q: Can I bring my own Cricut or Sewing Machine or other supplies?
A: We have two traditional Cricut machines (along with about 56 cartridges) and one wireless/digital machine, along with a sewing machine.  We encourage you to bring any of your own items that you wish.

Q: Do you have quilting boards?
A: We have two, flannel backed, 16 square foot quilting boards, and a sewing machine.

Q:  Is there a grocery store nearby?
A:  There is an Albertson's and Trader Joe's less than 3 miles away, and a Whole Foods 5.5 miles away.

Q: Is there a scrapbooking/quilting store in the area?
A: There is a Hobby Lobby, Michaels and Joann Fabrics.
                · Hobby Lobby (7.6 miles), 107 Central Expy N, Allen, TX, (214) 495-0100
                · Michaels (3.8 miles), 1751 N Central Expy, McKinney, TX 75070, (972) 547-0762
                · Joann Fabrics (3.1 miles), 2050 W University Dr, McKinney, TX 75070, 214-491-1503

Q: Can we bring our own alcoholic beverages?
A: Yes, there are also wine glasses available for your use.

Q: What time is check-in and check-out?
A: Check-in is 12 noon Thursday and check-out is  12 noon Sunday .
We do offer a 6 am check in/3 pm check out for $15 per person.   Beginning with your third stay, you can come early/stay late    for free!

Q: Can I start my retreat a day early?

A: We offer a Wednesday check in for $50 per person.

Q: What should I bring with me on the retreat?
A: Your personal scrap booking or crafting supplies, personal toiletries, and don’t forget those comfy, lounging, 
     clothes and slippers. There is a TV and a DVD player so you might want to bring some movie favorites.

Q:  Do you provide coffee and/or sodas?
A: We provide a limited supply of K-cups and assorted sodas.

Q: Are any meals provided at the retreat?
A: No food is provided.  For your meals, there are area restaurants that deliver or you may go out to eat.  Menus are          provided in the entry desk binders  to help make your choice. You may contract with a caterer, and you are welcome to bring your own food and  do your own cooking in the kitchen. There is a dishwasher to make clean up easier. Please view a list of our kitchen inventory under the accommodations>kitchen and dining page.

Q: What about security?
A: The facility has a burglar alarm that covers both buildings.  Your welcome packet will provide a code to unlock the external doors and turn the alarm on/off.  The doors auto-lock 30 seconds after opening.  This code is specific to you and is erased at the end of your retreat.  We also provide locks for the individual bedrooms.  The parking area is completely fenced in and has a sliding gate for additional privacy/security.

Q: What happens if we accidentally pack up a scrap booking supply from the work area and it comes home with us?
A: We do an inventory check of the retreat before you arrive to make sure all the supplies are there for your use.  This same inventory checklist is completed after your departure.  If we find that something is missing, we will notify you, and you will be responsible for returning it to us.  If you are unable to return it, you will be billed for the missing item.

Q: What if I break/damage something?

A: We expect normal wear and tear and minor incidents.  Any damage that is time and/or money intensive to correct will be charged to the guest.

Q: Are we responsible for cleaning?

A: We only ask that you load and start the dishwasher, strip the beds, bag the garbage, and return any furniture moved to its original location.   Guests who don't wish to tidy up following their weekend may be charged a small cleaning fee.   

Q: Is there a land line telephone?
A: No, there is not a land line phone so be sure to bring along your cell phone

Q: Is there cable TV?
A: We offer Directv and Netflix in both craft rooms and the living room.  A DVD player is provided in the main craft room.  

Q: Is any other entertainment available?
A: You may enjoy our karaoke machine, a massage, a Segway tour of the historic downtown area, or a painting class.

Q: Do you accept special requests?

A: We entertain all requests and will accommodate those we are able.

Frequently Asked Questions